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Suggested Reading
Ages 0-3: ABC's

Books to help preschool aged children learn their letters

Ages 0-3: Shapes Around Us

Preschool aged books to teach about shapes

Ages 2-5: Books Without Words!

Children's picture books without words

Ages 2-5: Daily Routines

[No description provided]

Ages 3-5: Biographies for Preschoolers

Picture books about people and their lives

Ages 3-5: Count Your Numbers!

Preschool aged books about counting.

Ages 3-5: Learning Our Colors

This list is for preschool students learning their colors.

Ages 3-5: Read about Science!

It's never too early to start learning about simple science concepts. Check out these great books for preschoolers!

Libraries Rock: Interactive Picture Books

These picture books will get keep you and your child engaged through singing, dancing, and/or moving. Have fun and don't forget to log the minutes you read!

Musician Chapter Book Biographies for Kids

[No description provided]

Picture Book Biographies of Musicians and Artists

Read about some of the most recognized (and some unknown icons!) and talented musicians in picture book form! List includes books about The Beatles, DJ Kool Herc, Ji ...
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Rockin' Chapter Books for Kids

Check out these chapter books featuring music!

Teen Books for Music Lovers

These books feature aspiring musicians, band geeks and epic playlists.

Teen Titles for Asian American Heritage Month

During the month of May we pay tribute to the generations of Asians and Pacific Islanders who have enriched America's history and are instrumental in its future succ ...
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These Books Rock!

Enjoy sharing these fiction and non-fiction geology-inspired books with your child. Rock on!

Two Thumbs Up

Over time there have been many outstanding contributions to teen literature, but it can be difficult to find a book as a teen that contains both quality ma ...
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