About the Summer Reading Challenge

Nashville Public Library’s Summer Reading Challenge encourages the whole community from birth and beyond to participate in the joy of reading. Our free program is for all ages and has many benefits — from the youngest who will build their early literacy skills as they listen to their caregivers read, to the adults who will become reading role models for the city. We want to make Nashville a reading city, and it all starts with you!

Did You Know?

Children who don't read during the summer lose months of reading and cognitive skills gained during the school year. This loss is called "summer slide." It is cumulative, and children don't catch up in the fall because their peers are moving ahead with their new skills and knowledge.

You Can Be a Part of the Solution!

Children who participate in our Summer Reading Challenge and read over the months of summer vacation are more likely to retain what they learned previously, which gives them a head start for the next school year. Sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge and make reading a priority in your home today!

Become a Sponsor

Are you a business interested in learning about how you can support summer reading in your community? Contact Cassie at cassandra.welch@nashville.gov.