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summer reading challenge, may 6 - august 21, 2019
Reading Lists
Ages 0+: Space Themed Picture Books

Space themed picture books for children of all ages.

Ages 0-3: ABC's

Books to help preschool aged children learn their letters

Ages 0-3: Shapes Around Us

Preschool aged books to teach about shapes

Ages 2-5: Bedtime

Whether bedtime is sweet and gentle or a battle every night, these books celebrate the nightly ritual we all face.

Ages 2-5: Books Without Words!

Children's picture books without words

Ages 3-5: Biographies for Preschoolers

Picture books about people and their lives

Ages 3-5: Count Your Numbers!

Preschool aged books about counting.

Ages 3-5: Learning Our Colors

This list is for preschool students learning their colors.

Ages 3-5: Read about Science!

It's never too early to start learning about simple science concepts. Check out these great books for preschoolers!

For Adults: Space Themed Non-Fiction Titles

Browse some of these non-fiction books that are out of this world.

For Adults: Space-Themed Adult Fiction

Take a look at some of these classic and more modern tales from outer space.

For Adults: Space-Themed Adult Fiction

Check out these depictions of space on film!

Out of This World Nonfiction for Listeners

Check out this selection of nonfiction space books for listeners and early readers.

Space Movies

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Space-tacular Nonfiction for Readers

[No description provided]

Teens in Space

Blast off with these YA fiction books set in space!

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